Nether portal is one of the most useful things in Minecraft. And without obsidian blocks, there is no way to enter the nether in Minecraft.

Beacon is another useful and helpful structure in Minecraft because it provides the nearby players with various types of stats. With a beacon, players can easily mine stones and other similar blocks using the haste effect that comes from the beacon.

If you are a Minecraft player then you already know the value of having one Ender Chest. Moreover, we can say that Ender Chest is a must to have item in the inventory of every player.

Players can create rooms with obsidians to spawn the wither inside and can kill it easily without taking much damage. Because of the high damage resistance, the obsidian will neglect a couple of wither explosions

Enchantment tables allow players to upgrade their gear with various enchantments. Enchanting provides various kinds of bonuses such as extra damage, extra loot, higher knockback, etc.