PUBG announces New State Mobile March Update

By Tanmay Misra

March 18, 2022

Partnership With McLaren Automotive

PUBG has officially  announced its partnership with McLaren Automotive. This update will bring 765LT super car because of this partnership 


The McLaren 765LT Car

Players can experience the new car in Troi and Erangel Map. They can also obtain the exclusive vehicle through the McLaren Crate(available for a limited time). The car is available in 5 different color variations which are: Orange, Green, Sunset Orange, Blue and the New State Special edition. 

New Survivor Pass Vol. 5

A brand new Survivor Pass with Cynthia Song from Project Justice will be introduced into the game. Players can get costumes and characters by completing the various story missions.

The Erangel Update

This will bring a new update to the Erangel map. This update will add new locations to the map.

New Weapon Updates

This update will bring a new weapon named  "MG3". According to the developers"The MG3 is a full-auto LMG that uses 7.62mm bullets, along with a 75 round magazine.

New Customization

This update will bring customization to two guns. The Vector and Mini-14 will have a second customization slot.



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