New Dawn RolePlay is an Indian Server and RP wise it is one of the best servers. This server allows 64 people at a time to play on this server. If you want to do real and hardcore Roleplay then you must check out this server.

This server is only for those people who want to experience crime in GTA RP. In this server, you will be assigned to various ranks of the mafia and you will need to fight for the higher rank.

Eclipse RP is another server in our list that generally accepts players who donate to the server to support it. Interestingly this server allows up to 200 players to play at one time.

The private server of Family RP is one of the best servers and it totally wrote playing. But it is quite hard to get into the private server but once you are selected you can do a great roleplay.

This one of the unique GTA RP Servers and also this server is very different from all the others. Because this is purely a text-based server. You can communicate with other people by testing only.

NoPixel is one of the most popular GTA RP Servers, and because of this server is the toughest server to join. Because of its high popularity, the server is now accepting players who donate to the server.