TWS Buying Guide – Best True Wireless Earphones (TWS)


Nowadays people prefer to buy TWS headphones. In this article, we will share the TWS Buying Guide. This article helps you to buy TWS headphones. 

The term of TWS is True Wireless Stereo. TWS allows you to connect two audio devices with Bluetooth. You can enjoy audio with a wireless earphone system. This TWS is based on modern technology. And Apple’s AirPod brings this trend into the market.

We obviously value the trend and guide you which TWS is better for you. We give value to money, your comfort and also give priority to product quality, ” Is it value for money or not?”, so continue reading a proper “TWS Buying Guide”.

At the end of the article, we listed 5 best TWS earphones based on “TWS Buying Guide”. If you are interested in TWS, then buy our shortlisted TWS earphones.


TWS Buying Guide


1. Comfort- First of all, we will talk about comfort while using TWS. There are two types of TWS available in the market. One is half an ear and the second one is full in an ear.

TWS is one of the most used accessories if someone loves to use TWS. Because one who loves using TWS, he uses it while traveling, while exercising, while working for a job, listening to songs, etc. So you must give priority to comfort while you are buying TWS. You should check the two types of TWS, which one is the best TWS for you. For long usage, you should also check the battery backup of the TWS system. We will cover this point now. But comfort or satisfaction is most important when you are buying a TWS. We would prefer a full in-ear TWS system, it is good and easy to use. But prioritize your self-satisfaction while buying anything or TWS system. 


2. Battery Life- Battery backup is the most important thing for any wireless system. In this TWS system, you will get up to 15 to 16 hours of battery backup. You should check the TWS battery backup. If TWS gives you up to 5 hours battery backup, that is good you can go with this. 

The whole TWS comes with a wireless charging system also. Battery backup is most important for TWS. You should follow up with three important things. On a special note, we define TWS and TWS systems in two different ways. TWS is only the earphones and the TWS system is Earphones and the Case of this. Mostly TWS comes with a chargeable case.

  • Go with the TWS system, 15 to 16 hours battery backup.
  • Prefer a battery backup for up to 5 hours.
  • Wireless Charging system gives you a premium feel but it comes with cost.


3. Connectivity- The second most important is the connectivity of a TWS device. You have to check if the Bluetooth version is higher than the 5.0 version or not. It increases the connectivity with your device. With this Bluetooth version, you will get good distance connectivity with TWS. 

TWS Buying Guide for connectivity, check the Bluetooth version higher than 5.0 or not.


4. Sound Quality- when you go with TWS earphones then you must check up the sound quality. In the TWS Buying Guide, we prefer to check technical terms that will improve your sound experience. You have to check TWS, Audio codecs, and Driver size quality for a better experience. These improve audio quality. 

Basically Audio codecs help to compress and decompress sound quality. The best codecs for the TWS earphones are aptX, aptX HD, LDAC. Try to go with these better codecs for better music experience. 

The audio quality of TWS largely depends on Driver Size. Try to check out larger than 9- 10mm driver size, it helps to increase the quality of audio output. 


5. Gesture Control and Switch Control- In proper TWS Buying Guide, always go with Gesture Control or Switch Control. It really helps you to receive calls, play, or pause music. Gesture Control comes costly in TWS earphones. You can go with your budget but choose Gesture Control or Switch Control while buying a TWS earphone.


6. Noise Cancelling – TWS system comes with noise-canceling features. There are two types of noise cancelation- i) Environmental Noise Cancelation ii) Active Noise Cancelation. We will suggest you in proper TWS Buying Guide, try to go with ANC (Active Noise Cancelation). It’s a little bit costly but you will be happy to use ANC type TWS.


7. Gaming- Sorry to say that you can’t use aTWS earphone as a gaming earphone. Because it delays the sound, which can disturb your experience. Use TWS as casual or while traveling. You can’t enjoy TWS as a professional or for gaming experiences.


8. Price – If you go with our article A Proper TWS Buying Guide, then you have to set your budget minimum up to 5k Rupees. But you can get a Proper True Wireless Stereo in a minimum budget of 1.5k – 2k Rupees. 


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Here’s five shortlisted True Wireless Stereo, check this TWS if you want to buy or have an interest in True Wireless Stereo.






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