TSG Ritik’s : Free Fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country and more

Free Fire has risen to prominence as one of the most successful and downloaded battle royal games in recent years. Garena sets a new global milestone of more than 80 million active users by 2020.

In the Free Fire gaming community, TSG Ritik is one of the most popular Youtuber from India who is a co-owner of Two side Gamers on YouTube. He entertains his fans by gameplay, pranks, challenges, montages, updates related videos with his creative editing skills.

In this article, we are going to take a look at TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID Number, stats, and K/D ratio of TSG Ritik.

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TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID Number

TSG Ritik’s real name is Ritik Jain, who is a YouTuber and content creator from India having a subscriber count of 7.09M on YouTube.

  • TSG Ritik’s Free Fire ID Number – 124975352
  • In game name (IGN) – RITIK JAIN

TSG Ritik’s Free Fire Stats

In the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire, he is ranked in the Gold III tier, whereas in the Clash Squad mode, he’s ranked in the Gold I tier.

Lifetime Stats

Ritik has played a total of 10806 matches in the squad mode and also has secured victory in 2177 of them with a win rate of 31.03%(Top 3). His Lifetime stats of squad mode –

Kills: 25598
K/D Ratio: 2.97
Average Damage Per Match: 1006
HeadShots: 5050
HeadShot Rate: 19.73 %
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 27seconds

Coming to the duo mode, He has played 2342 games and got 257 Booyahs translating a win rate of 31.73%(Top5). The Lifetime stats of Duo mode is stated as

K/D Ratio: 2.14
Average Damage Per Match: 719
HeadShots: 711
HeadShot Rate: 15.97%
Average Survival Time: 09minutes 33 seconds

The famous content creator has also played a total of 860 solo matches and secured 53 wins with a win rate of 34.77%(Top 10). His solo stat is

Kills: 1654
K/D Ratio: 2.05
Average Damage Per Match: 616
HeadShots: 424
HeadShot Rate: 25.63 %
Average Survival Time: 07 minutes 37 seconds

(Note: All the stats used in this article is written according to 07th March 2021. The stats are subject to change with time because tend to play Free Fire regularly )

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TSG Ritik’s YouTube Channel

Ritik own a YouTube channel called Two-Side Gamers, with my cousin and teammate TSG Jash has been uploaded regular videos related to Free Fire since 2018. This famous YouTuber has amassed more than 7.09M subscribers along with 94 M million views combined on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 1.1k videos on his channel.

He also runs another two-channel namely TSG Army and Two Side Shorts having a huge subscribers count of 2.22M and 470k respectively.

Recent Popular Videos Of TSG

So, that’s all for this article about TSG Ritik Free Fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country. Hopefully, you have found this article informative and also useful. And also for more gaming related information, gaming news and tips and tricks please visit Gamersutra.com

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