Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats, K/D ratio and more

Nowadays free is one of the most famous battle royal games in the mobile gaming community all over the world. Free Fire has an overall  500 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. Total gaming is one of the biggest names in the Free Fire gaming community. He is very popular because of his unique gaming style and skills. He has over 13.7 Million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. In this article, we will discuss Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID and Stats. So without wasting much time lets head towards the article.


Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID and Stats

Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 451012596, and his in-game name(ING) is ajjubhai94.


Total Gaming’s Lifetime Stats

 Total Gaming also known as Ajjubhai has played a total of 9177 games in squad mode and has got 2387 Booyah in them, and also he has a win rate of 26%. He has killed a total of 33650 opponents and has a K/D ratio of 4.96.

He took part in 1586 duo games and got booyah in 299 matches, and also his winning rate is 18%. In duo, the K/D ratio is 4.82.

 And also Total Gaming has appeared in 872 solo matches and won 76 them. Therefore his win rate is 8.7% and he has a K/D of 2.78 in solo mode.


Total Gaming’s Ranked Stats

He has played a total of 768 matches in this ongoing rank season and has 60 Booyahs. Therefore his winning rate is 8% and also his K/D ratio is 3.37.

Thereafter that’s all for this article about Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID and Stats, Total Gaming’s Lifetime Stats, and also Total Gaming’s Ranked Stats. Therefore we hope that you found this article informative and also useful. And also for more gaming related information and gaming news please visit Thank You.

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