Total Gaming (AjjuBhai), Biography, Real Name, Age, Career, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, income and More

  • Total Gaming popularly known as ‘Ajjubhai’ is one of the most popular content creators as well as a Free Fire Player from Gujrat,India. In the gaming community we know Ajjubhai as AWM King for his excellent sniping skills.
  • His official YouTube channel is ” Total Gaming” where he mostly plays Garena Free Fire and GTA 5. In the Free Fire Gaming community he became a popular figure for his unique gameplay and commentary style.
  • Ever since he entered in the gaming community, people have had many curiosity about who is Ajjubhai,his real name etc. In this article we disclose all you need to know about Ajjubhai (Total Gaming), Biography, Name, Age, Career, Lifestyle, income, FAQs and More.


The real name of Ajjubhai in Total Gaming is Ajay. He is a professional Growth Hacker and gamer. Ajjubhai is now the most followed and prominent free fire player in India as well as all over the world.

Total Gaming Biography

Real Name –  Ajay
Nickname – Ajju Bhai
Profession-  Gamer and Growth Hacker
Clan –  Arrow ( Team 1)
Free Fire ID –  451012596
Free Fire IGN –  Ajjubhai94
Mob no.- 9909430389
Age- 23
Height – 5’10”
Date of Birth – Update soon
Birthplace-  Ahmadabad, Gujarat
Hometown- Ahmadabad
Nationality –  Indian
Religion-  Hindu
Education –  Diploma Dropout
Girlfriend –  Update soon
Hobbies-  Listening to Music & YouTube
Famous For-  Playing Garena Free Fire

Early Life & Lifestyle

Ajjubhai lives in Ahmadabad with his family members, father mother and a small brother. Though he belongs to a middle-class family, they all are very supportive of each other.

In his childhood, his life was very much simple as other boys. After 10th he joined a diploma in software engineering but unfortunately, he dropped out and didn’t complete it due to lack of concentration. There he learned some skills related to software which helps him to find a job.

Ajju Bhai is not a gamer from childhood but he often plays Free Fire game at their office and watches several streaming on YouTube that encourage him to starts a gaming YouTube channel. He is now very busy with his job in a Software company as a growth hacker and YouTube channel. After gaining too much success in Gaming community he has to manage both and at the same time he revealed on his live stream that he is thinking about quitting his job.


After 10th he started his career as a growth hacker in a software company but later he started his YouTube channel on 9th October, 2018. In the beginning, he used to upload Free Fire tricks and videos. Soon he started playing Free Fire on his YouTube channel which got more success than the trend of PUBG all over the country.

He became the AWM King for his excellent sniping skills. He started different types of challenges. He started expanding his channel by playing other games like GTA 5, Spiderman, Call of duty, Incredible Hulk, etc.

The channel ‘Total Gaming’ has currently 19.2 M subscribers with over 256 M views combined. He also runs a second channel namely Total Gaming Live which has 4.39 M subscribers. He uploads videos regularly on those channels.

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Memorable moments

First Subscribers – Nizamuddin Shaikh
First Moderator – Badsha
First Superchat – by FB Bishal
Uploaded first video- on 2nd Dec 2018
First Live- September, 2019

Face Reveal

On the Internet today the most searching query is the face reveal of Ajjubhai in Total Gaming. Fans are really eager to see their AWM King. But unfortunately he has not yet revealed his face. Once in an interview, recently he said that he may reveal his face after 3 to 4 years.


There is a lot of speculation about Ajju Bhai’s girlfriend. But he has not yet revealed anything about it.

Earning/ Income

At the age of 23, being the India’s most subscribed gaming YouTuber he has gained a lot of success. His major source of income is the youtube channel which has over 19.2M subscribers with 2.564 billion views. From YouTube he makes money through Superchat in lives, Adsense, PayTM/ Google pay donations, sponsorship, memberships etc.

Also he earns from the social media accounts by advertising and sponsoring different brands and other stuffs. Earning through these sources are very hard to estimate. And obviously, salary comes from his job at a software company where he works as a growth hacker. From all these earnings, his monthly income is about 8 lakhs and his annual income is approximately 90 lakhs. Over a year, Total Gaming’s Net worth is approximately 1.5 Crore.

Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID Number, IGN

Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats, KD ratio and more
Total Gaming’s Free Fire ID Number, IGN

The famous Indian YouTuber’s Free Fire ID is 451012596 and his in-game name is ajjubhai94 from the guild TG MAFIA. His real name is Ajay.

Total Gaming’s Free Fire Profile and Stats

Lifetime Stats

Total Gaming’s Free Fire Stats
Total Gaming’s Free Fire Stats

Ajjubhai has played a total of 10250 matches in the squad mode and also has secured victorious in 2528 of them with a win rate of 34.55% ( Top 3)
His Lifetime stats of squad mode is –

Total Gaming ‘s Free Fire Stats

Kills: 37660
K/D Ratio:4.88
Average Damage Per Match: 1565
HeadShots: 12560
HeadShot Rate: 33.35%
Average Survival Time: 8minutes 37seconds

Coming to the duo mode, he has played 1642 games and got 306 Booyahs translating a win rate of 36.18% (Top 5). His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is –

Kills: 6402
K/D Ratio: 4.79
Average Damage Per Match: 1452
HeadShots: 2158
HeadShot Rate: 33.71%
Average Survival Time: 9minutes 50seconds

He has also played a total of 897 solo matches and has won 77 maintaining a win rate of 28.27% (Top 10). His solo stat is

Kills: 2264
K/D Ratio: 2.76
Average Damage Per Match: 821
HeadShots: 712
HeadShot Rate: 31.45%
Average Survival Time: 7 minutes 53seconds

Ranked Stats

  • In the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire, he is ranked in the Gold III tier, whereas in the Clash Squad mode, he’s rank is GOLD I tier.
  • In the ranked season, Ajjubhai has played a total of 395 squad matches till now and also has secured victorious in 48 of them with a win rate of 18.48% ( Top 3)

His Ranked stats of squad mode 

Total Gaming ‘s Free Fire Stats

Kills: 1341
K/D Ratio:3.86
Average Damage Per Match: 1681
HeadShots: 793
HeadShot Rate: 59.13%
Average Survival Time: 5 minutes 40 seconds

Note : All the stats used in this article is described according to the time of writing which may vary with time.

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Total Gaming YouTube Channel

Total Gaming YouTube
Total Gaming YouTube

Although he is a software engineer but better known as a YouTuber. Ajjubhai is the first Indian gamer/streamer to reach 1 billion subscribers on YouTube.  The popular Indian youtuber has been uploaded regular videos since October,2018. Till now, Total Gaming has amassed more than 19.2 M subscribers along over 2.564 billion views combined on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 1.1K videos on his channel.

He also runs a second channel namely Total Gaming Live which has more than 4.69M subscribers and over 229M views. Here he streams and uploads videos of different gameplay.

Popular Videos of Total Gaming

1. Ajjubhai vs Amitbhai ( Desi Gamers) Best Clash Battle Who will Win – Garena Free Fire

2. Solo vs Squad 2 AWM Try to make World Record – Garena Free Fire – Total Gaming

3. 2 AWM Ajjubhai plays with Subrata+ Helping Gamer and Desi Gamer – Garena Free Fire

Social Media Handle


His Instagram user name is totalgaming_official which has over 2.3M followers.


His user name in Twitter is @total_gaming093 and has over 25K followers.


His facebook account name is Total Gaming which has moreover 3.2M followers.

Total Gaming Photo



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