Top 5 Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages


Lots of Free Fire players don’t like the Kalahari Map (Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages). Because they think Kalahari Map is inappropriate for Free Fire Rank Push Matches. So that’s why in this article we are going to discuss Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages. All the advantages that will help you to push your ranks in the Kalahari map. And also all the disadvantages that will make affect you to push your rank in Kalahari map.

Kalahari Map is a hilly desert map. There is a lot of cover and broken houses present in this map. You can find some unique spots on this map. The scenery of this map looks elegant.

In this article, we will discuss the Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages. The advantage means why you should play and Practice in this map and the Disadvantage means which problems you will have to face on this map when you play matches on this map.


Let’s get started with the Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages


Advantage of Kalahari Map


1. Use Cover and fire

If you play lots of games in the Kalahari map you must notice that lots of cover and broken houses are here. You just have to learn how to utilize this specialty of this map. It helps you to increase your skill on cover and fire.

One strategy is common for every multiplayer battleground game that is Cover and fire. Using cover you can easily kill your opponent but the enemy is unable to give you damage. Using this strategy you can defeat your opponent easily. And after some days of practice, you will learn how to use cover and fire in short-range fights also. It sounds bad but it’s true that if you use cover and fire in short-range, your headshot skill increases automatically.

This skill will increase automatically if you play in the Kalahari map. The map construction is perfect for using these tips to improve Gameplay skills. So it’s a huge advantage of the Kalahari Map. And also this is one of the biggest reasons why you should play in the Kalahari Map.


2. Defense Power

The defense is important for every combat if you want to win. You must have proper knowledge about how to defend yourself.

When an enemy attack upon you or fires on you then you should defend yourself from enemies. You have to use cover to easily defend yourself.

Most importantly if you want to win in this map you should wait for the right time to attack the enemy.

How to defend yourself, it sounds tough but it’s really the easiest skill ever.

  • Defense in River – you know you can use glo wall in the river. So if there is any panic situation and you need cover then you can use two glo wall in the river and defend yourself from the enemy.
  • Defend From Sniper Tower- If you are stuck near any sniper tower and enemy aim on you then you should defend yourself and use a permanent cover and don’t try to rush on that enemy. Because the enemy has a clear view of you and he knows your location. And if you go out of the cover to rush then you will be shot dead.
  • Use Zig-Zag Movement – When you run in open ground, never run straight. Therefore you should always run in zig-zag movement. If you use this type of movement the enemy will be unable to Headshot on you.

These tips are actually usable and very useful in the Kalahari Map. So it’s a really Advantage of Kalahari Map. And your game skill will improve automatically.

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3. Experience

Experience plays a great role in your success. There’s a sentence “Practice makes you perfect “. So Never give priority to negative points of everything.

If you love to play on the Kalahari map and if you practice thereby playing too many games then definitely your Gameplay on the Kalahari map will improve.

You should have proper knowledge of Landing spots and looting spots.


4. Eye Sharpness

The scene of the Kalahari Map is the sun rising. So if you are playing for the first time in the Kalahari map, you can’t find enemies easily if they do not move. After some practice and continue playing on this map it will increase your eye Sharpness Power. And therefore you can easily spot enemies.

Eye Sharpness is the most important thing of all battleground games. If your eye power is high then you can easily spot any enemies around you. So to spot enemies easily you will have to look all around you.

Kalahari Map will surely increase your eye power. It’s an Advantage of the Kalahari Map.

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5. Attacking Power

Kalahari map usually helps you to increase attacking Power as Defending power.

Attack and defense both play a great role if you want to win a match. In this map, you will get lots of cover for defense but you should utilize this cover for the attack also. After attacking an enemy you should use cover, like cover and fire.

Practicing on Kalahari map your attacking skill will also increase.


The disadvantage of Kalahari Map

You will be a good player in Free Fire when you play strategically. In this case, there’s no particular Disadvantage of the Kalahari Map. After knowing the best landing and looting spots you will get Advantage of the Kalahari Map. You should practice a lot on this map because this map helps you to improve your game skill. I recommend you use the Info Kit Box to get knowledge about the zone and you can easily prepare for the zone.

Understanding the map will also help you to get Advantage of Kalahari Map. There are too many hills that will affect your movement or while fighting. After practicing on this map you will easily understand how to move on the hilly desert. Then Disadvantage will turn into the Advantage of Kalahari Map.

That’s all about Kalahari Map Advantages and Disadvantages. Basically Kalahari Map doesn’t have any kind of disadvantages. It all depends on the time you invest in Kalahari Map the more you play the more you know this map. Hope you found this article useful and informative. For more gaming related information and news please visit Thank You.


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