Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks To Get Started

In this article, we are going to discuss Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks. Call of Duty Mobile is a trending Battle Royal game in the world of mobile gaming. The PC version of COD is very famous. Call of Duty PC version has 16 popular series.

The most popular season of Call of Duty PC is Modern Warfare. Activision Studio releases this season on 23rd August, 2019.

Call of Duty Mobile has been released on 1st October, 2019 by Activision Studio. Call of Duty Mobile has 7 popular seasons. Currently season 7: Radioactive Agent is going on.

Call of Duty is similar as other multiplayer battle royal games like PUBG, Free Fire. Though Free Fire and PUBG was released much before COD, but COD is also very famous. Call of Duty has over 100 Million downloads and has 4.5 Star rating.

So, in this article we are going to share Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks.

Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks

1. Choose Your Controls

Choosing the best controls is one of the most important thing in COD Mobile. The controls available in COD is much similar to other battle royal games. But in this game you will have two types of control mode, the first one is Simple Mode and second one is Advance Mode. If you are a beginner then stick to the simple mode because it is easy. But, after practicing in simple mode if you want to become a pro in COD, then you will have to use the Advance Mode.

2. Keep Your Graphics Settings Optimise

Optimise Graphics Settings plays a huge role in your game play. Even though some mobiles supports Ultra HD graphics but can render a low FPS. Therefore it is better to change your graphics settings to HD or medium because then your phone can render all the frames. That will give you a smooth experience. The most important thing is that you play in a higher FPS, so that your tabs on the screen will register faster. Therefore you will have an advantage over the other players. So, it is always good for you to maintain your FPS high and graphics at optimise state.

3. Choose Your Character Class Right

When you enter a Battle Royal match in Call Of Duty you will have to choose a character class. COD offers you six different types of character classes. The character classes are mentioned below

  • Medic:

This character class offers you two special features. The first one is setting up a medical station that will create a circle around your character. This will heal heal your team mates when they stand near your character. The second feature will help you to revive your team mate in 25% less time.

  • Scout:

This character class will also offer you two special boosts. Firstly this character can see the footsteps of the enemies for a longer time duration. The second feature of this character is sensor dart that will help you to see all the players and the scout can see them.

  • Clown:

The clown character class has a toy bomb feature that can summon zombies which will attack enemies. The second feature the character has is anti-zombie and it can reduce the zombie awareness distance to 15 meters.

  • Ninja:

The ninja character class has a grapple hook that can hook on to any place. Therefore you can grapple to that location. Also enemies can’t hear the footsteps of the ninja character from a distance.

  • Mechanic:

This class has a special ability which can launch an EMP drone. Therefore you can do a continuous EMP interference with the enemies. Secondly this character class has a boost that grants you augmenter sight and makes all the vehicle present in the 80 meter radius hostile.

  • Defender:

Defender character class has a special feature which allows you to place a flashing shield. This shield can be transferred anywhere you want. Secondly he has another ability which can decrease the damage by 20% for all means expect for bullets.

The selection of the right class is very essential for you according to the strategies. Make sure you choose the right character class according to your plane on how you are going to approach in the game when playing in a squad. This is one of the most important COD Mobile tips and tricks.

4. Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks is Multiplayer Battle

  • Never Try To Hide

Never try to hide when you are playing in a multiplayer.  When you are trying to hide yourself in a corner or building remember that enemies can easily spot you because of the red flashes on your uniform. Therefore you can be easily spotted by the UAV placed on the map, so you are not invisible any more.

  • Keep On Moving

As you can’t hide yourself, standing still will make you an easy target for the enemies. Therefore keep on moving so that the enemies can’t target you. Practice strafing sideways while keeping the eyes on enemies. Try to take cover when you run out of ammo and pop up again after reloading to engage into the fight.

  • Be Aggressive

The most important tip for multiplayer battle is be aggressive. When you are in a multiplayer battle standing still or hiding from the enemies won’t help you. So try to be aggressive and take as much fights as you can and that will help you a lot to win the match

  • Use The Slide

Sliding is very important when you are in a multiplayer battle. You can use the sliding by tapping on the down button while running. This is a very unpredictable move and will help you to avoid getting shot.

5. Glide To Avoid Damage

You has the ability to glide in the air when you are jumping from a height. This will help you to land safely and you will not receive any damage as you fall from a height. This ability to glide is a very useful and important feature and will help you a lot in various situations.


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These are the best Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks and will help you a lot. If you follow these tips then you will become a good player very soon. Thanks for reading the article hope you will found the article useful, for more gaming related information please visit

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