Top 10 Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE to Get the Chicken Dinner

Top 10 Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE to Get the Chicken Dinner


PUBG is one of the most famous online game. We are going to discuss Top 10 Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE that will help you a lot. These Top 10 Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE will improve your gameplay a lot. In last there are some bonus Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE.

Landing Spot and Timing

In PUBG the first couple of seconds are very important. Therefore the place you choose to land gives you great advantages. So try to land as early as possible and that will give advantage to the other players. If you land early yearly you will get a gun earlier than the other player who lands over there and that will help you a lot in your combat.

But, if you’re a beginner then try not to land on any high-risk zones. You should avoid areas with big buildings because most of the players land there. Instead, you can go a bit away and land over land where small buildings are present. You will still find a great loot and guns and that will give you a safe start. I will suggest you land in places like Gatka, Mylta, and Farms.



Try to Avoid Early Fights

After landing one of the biggest mistakes most of the players did is that they involve themselves in fights. If you have just landed it’s better not to involve yourself in any kind of combats. Therefore, if you hear footsteps of someone it is better to move away from that area. The chances of the players carrying a gun are much high and you will become a very easy target for them. That’s why I suggest you not to engage yourself in any kind of fights after landing because you don’t have proper accessories.

That’s why you should try to land in a safe area where fewer players land and utilize the time to gear up yourself. So that it will be very easy for you to do farther fights. This Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE helps you alot.


While In Combat, Go Zigzag

While in combat try to move in Zigzag, don’t run in a straight line. If you run in a straight line then surely you will shot dead because the enemy will have a steady view of your body and it will help him to get a perfect aim. But, if you run in a Zigzag or haphazard pattern then it is hard for the enemy to aim at you. Therefore you will have enough time to get a cover and the chances of you being dead will be much lower.


When Getting Sniped, Don’t Lay Down

The biggest mistake most of the players did is that they lay down when they are getting sniped. Therefore the person who is snipping at you from a farther distance will have a clear view of you because he has already identified you. That will cause your death. So it better to run in a Zigzag way while getting snipped by someone and try to get a cover as soon as possible. Its the most helpful Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE


Try To Use Headphones

Sounds play a huge role in PUBG. It is very much necessary for you to hear the footsteps of the enemy to identify his location. So that you will have a better knowledge of his position and movements. It is also necessary to have the voice chat with your squad so that you all will have an idea about each other. Using Headphones makes the gameplay very easy and interesting for you. I will suggest you use good headphones while playing PUBG.  Its the most helpful Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE

Enable Auto-Open Doors

Auto-Open Doors setting is very useful in PUBG. It will automatically open a door when you are near a door so you don’t have to do that manually. To enable this first go to the settings then to basic settings and enable ‘Auto-open doors’. Do note that you will have to tap on the close button to close the door it will not close automatically.


Enable The Left Side Fire Button

The left side fire button is a very essential setting and it will help you a lot in combats. If your left side fire button is enabled then you can easily shoot with the left hand while you can aim at the enemy using the right hand. But, if you don’t have the left fire button then you will have to do both aim and fire using the right hand which is very hard. Therefore to enable the left-hand fire button firstly you will have to go to the settings. Then go to the Basic and enable the ‘left-side fire button’.


Enable The Aim Assist

Aim assist is one of the most essential options to do aiming very easily. This is must for touchscreen mobiles because aiming on a mobile is much harder than aiming on a pc using a mouse. If you enable the aim assist then you will see a spot on the mid of the aim. That will help you to take out the enemies very easily and quickly. This option is also very useful for close range combats.


Use Peek and Fire

Peek and Fire is very useful when you are snipping and your enemies also knows about your location. This feature will let peek your head from a cover. Therefore you can take down your enemies from covers without exposing your whole body. While snipping using peek and fire will give you different angles also and that will help you a lot. However enemies can see your head so be careful while using peek and fire. You can enable peek and fire option by going to the settings then to the basics and you will the enable ‘Peek and Fire’.

Keep Changing The Armour

Most of the players don’t see the armour health after combats. You must change an armour after getting shot or after combats because the armour health also goes down. So it’s better to change the armour continuously even though you will have to switch to a low level armour.


Bonus Tips

Don’t Loot Crates During End Circles:

Looting the crates of the dead players is very essential at the beginning of the game. But when you are in last circles try to avoid looting the crates because if you go to loot the crates then you might become a easy kill for them. Because they can easily spot you there or who knows someone might be waiting for you there.

Sprint Without The weapon:

If you are running while getting snipped or running towards the safe zone, put your guns away. This will increase your running speed and you will survive.



So we covered a total of 12 tips and tricks of PUBG mobile in this article (Top 10 Tips and Tricks Of PUBG MOBILE). We hope that you all find these tips and tricks useful. If these tips and tricks help you all to improve your gameplay then don’t forget to share this article with your friends.



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