6 Things You Must Know Before start Playing PUBG New State

PUBG New State is a new mobile game from the developers of Playerunknown Battlegrounds that will be released on Android and iOS soon. It’s all very exciting right now because Krafton is introducing something that will definitely crack the players’ monotony.

6 PUBG New State Facts

PUBG New State Gameplay

In Epic Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, or Garena Free Fire, the gaming tactic has become old. Things are likely to improve with PUBG New State, at least in terms of some elements that lead to the best battle royale experience. Here are the 6 Things You Need to Know Before start Playing PUBG New State, helps you understand it better-

  1. PUBG New State will be developed by PUBG Studio, a unit of South Korean company Krafton, which owns the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds IP. PUBG Studio is also responsible for the PC and console versions of the game, though PUBG Mobile is not. PUBG was developed by Tencent, one of China’s largest tech companies, and distributed via various app marketplaces in various countries. According to the Indian government, this was the main reason why PUBG Mobile was banned in the region.

    PUBG New State Weapons
    PUBG New State Weapons
  2. This Game is based on the survival of 100 players who are charged with defending until only one player or team remains alive. The Blue Zone has been enhanced to shrink even faster, forcing players to run in search of weapons, cars, and consumables in order to “gain the upper hand.” The game will give the title of “Lone Survivor” to the player who is the last one standing.
  3. The game’s most prominent features are the game’s drones and deployable battle rolls, which will offer a refreshing change of scene for players who need to play for longer periods of time. As a result of these updates, the battle royale mode will see major gameplay changes.

    Interesting Fact Of Pubg New State game
    Interesting Fact Of Pubg New State game
  4. The PUBG’s Universe is Getting Bigger- Years have passed since the first game, which is set in the near future. Anarchy rules supreme in 2051, with various factions opposing each other.

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  5. The battle has developed into a modern battlefield of cutting-edge technology that forces survivors to adopt new strategies in order to survive.
  6. According to the developers, the game’s gunplay will be more realistic and interactive. The new Global Illumination technology will be used in all of these new graphical components. ‘TROI’, a huge 8×8 km open world with numerous vehicles spawning in both Classic and Arcade modes, is likely to be included in PUBG New State. Players would also be able to customize their weapons in the middle of a game, giving them more customization options and moving the battle royale rules even further.

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