The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile


In PUBG it’s difficult to choose the right weapon for you if you don’t have the proper knowledge of how to use them. If you are new in this game then you will get confused in the guns. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile.

The number of guns present in PUBG can make it difficult to figure out which one good and which is an average gun. And also you can practice a limited number of guns per match. That’s why it is very difficult for newcomers and even for old players to choose the right gun.

Ranking The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile is tough. Because everyone has their own choice of guns that they like the most. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss the best pistols, shotguns, best snipers, and best assault rifles.  We will be looking at the two best weapons from each category and the selection of the guns is based on overall performance.

Before we get started, keep in mind that we will exclude certain categories of weapons from this list. We will not discuss LMGs, Crossbows, and Grenades. So without further delay let’s start with The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile.


The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile


Assault Rifles

  • AKM

The AKM is one of the best assault rifles present in the game. This gun fires 7.62 Bullets and has a high rate of damage. The only problem with this gun is the high rate of recoil. But you can handle the recoil of AKM is you do continues practice with this gun. The reason we include AKM in this list, not Gorza is because of the availability. Because Gorza can only be found in the airdrops which makes it difficult to get but on the other hand AKM can be found everywhere.

  • M416

M416 is a very user-friendly gun that fires 5.56 bullet. This gun offers you a single shot along with fully automatic firing options. You can also fit a stock in this gun. Though SCAR-L can very well replace this gun the M416 offers you a higher fire rate.



  • Skorpion

Skorpion is the best pistol present in the game right now. This pistol is a pocket SMG and comes in handy to kill enemies at close range. Skorpion can fire a hail of bullets thanks to its auto firing mode.

The only downside of this gun is you can attach quickdraw or extended quickdraw magazine. That’s why the reload time is a little bit lengthier. But these are small things that you can ignore easily for this pistol.

  • P18C

This is another great pistol that can spray a hail of bullets in full auto mode. This makes this gun incredible good for close-range fights. This could be very useful to kill enemies in the early game when most of the players don’t have armor or helmets.

Like most of the pistols, the P18C also is not great for long-range flights. But if you control the recoil of this pistol then this is one of the best companions of you on the battlefield.



  • S12K

The S12K is one of the best shotgun available in this game. Though it has high recoil and a bit less damage the semi-automatic fire rate will make up everything. And also you can attach several assault rifle attachments to this gun.

  • S1897

The S1897 has a high rate of damage and this is a very user-friendly gun. The only downside of this gun is the slow firing rate. Like all shotguns, it also has a short-range. But it can easily kill an enemy in just a shot or two shots.



  • UMP45

UMP45 has a slow rate of fire in comparison to other SMGs present in the game. But it has a very stable recoil that makes it a very user-friendly gun. You can attach a lot of attachments to this gun and that makes this gun more useful. And also this gun is awesome for mid-range fights and in for the last circles.

  • Micro Uzi

The Micro Uzi’s has an insane rate of fire. This more alike to a garden hose rather than a gun. You just will have to make sure that you attach the Micro Uzi stock attachment and you can fire in a hip. And then you can kill opponents even before they aim their gun at you.



  • M14 EBR

You can get an M14 EBR only in airdrops that make the gun a bit rare and also difficult to get. But the damage output it has is just insane. Like all other DMR, it offers you a fast rate of fire along with high damage. That’s why it’s a very good option for the new player to practice sniping.

  • SKS

Though the SLR has a bit more damage because of the easy availability of SKR it is on our list. Not only this but also you can attach a bunch of more attachments to this gun. But we suggest you if you find an SLR then it’s better to switch to the SLR.


Sniper Rifles

  • AWM

You can get an AWM only in an airdrop. The AWM fires magnum bullets which are also only available via airdrops. But the damage output and also the accuracy of this gun makes up all its drawbacks. You can easily kill an enemy with just a shot in the head or with two shots in the body. And also the sound of this gun being fired is just awesome.

  • Kar98K

You can get a Kar98K very easily because of its easy availability. The Kar98K fires 7.62 bullets and is capable of killing a lightly armored enemy in just a single shot. But if you found an M24 then we suggest you should go for the M24. Because the M24 has a bit higher damage in comparison to the Kar98K.


List of The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

1. Assault Rifles – AKM, M416.

2. Pistols – Skorpion, P18C.

3. Shotguns – S12K, S1897.

4. SMG – UMP45, Micro Uzi.

5. DMR – M14 EBR, SKS.

6. Sniper Rifles – AWM, Kar98K.


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These are The Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile. Hope you found this article useful and informative. For more gaming related information and news please visit Thank You.


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