Rakesh00007’s Free Fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country, and more

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous mobile multiplayer battle royal, developed and published by Garena International Private Limited. as of 2020 the game has more than 500 Million worldwide downloads and create a record with over 80 million active users globally.

If you are a free fire player no doubt, you must know this synonymous name Rakesh00007’s, one of the most popular Free Fire Youtube channels in India. Rakesh00007’s, aka Rakesh Shetty, is a famous content creator and free fire player because of his aggressive gameplay style. He has more than 688k subscribers on his youtube channel with almost 34 Million views.

In this article, we are going to take a look at Rakesh00007’s free fire ID number, Rakesh00007’s Free Fire Stats, Rakesh00007’s YouTube channel.

Rakesh00007’s Free Fire ID Number

The Indian YouTuber’s Free Fire ID is 47282554 and his in-game name is NBL-RAKESH07 from the guild BOSS. Rakesh00007’s real name is Rakesh Shetty. In the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire, he is ranked in the Diamond III tier, whereas in the Squad mode, he’s rank is Heroic tier.

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Rakesh00007’s Free Fire Stats

Lifetime Stats

Rakesh has played a total of 19750 matches in the squad mode and also has emerged victorious in 6054 of them with a win rate of 41.36% (Top 3).
His Lifetime stats of Squad mode is –

Rakesh00007’s Free Fire Stats

Killis: 88464
K/D Ratio: 6.46
Average Damage Per Match: 1685
HeadShots: 37318
HeadShot Rate: 42.18%
Average Survival Time: 09 minutes 55seconds

Coming to the duo mode, he has played 2622 games and got 421 Booyahs translating a win rate of 28.76% (Top 5). His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is –

Killis: 9185
K/D Ratio: 4.17
Average Damage Per Match: 1271
HeadShots: 3519
HeadShot Rate: 38.31%
Average Survival Time: 7 minutes 18seconds

The YouTuber has also played a total of 2459 solo matches and has won 489 translating a win rate of 42.13% (Top 10). His Solo mode stats is –

Killis: 9314
K/D Ratio: 4.73
Average Damage Per Match: 1091
HeadShots: 4325
HeadShot Rate: 46.44%
Average Survival Time: 8 minutes 59seconds

(Note: All the stats used in this article is written according to 30 Dec 2020. They are subject to change with time )

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Rakesh00007 started creating content on YouTube three years ago and since then, he has uploaded over 534 videos on his channel. Currently, he has a subscriber count of over 688k and has almost 34 million views combined. He is currently running a second channel namely Rakesh-Free Fire.

So this article is all about you need to know about Rakesh00007’s free fire ID number, Rakesh00007’s Free Fire Stats, Rakesh00007’s YouTube channel. Hoping so it will be helpful and informative to you.

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