PUBG Mobile is a Chinese Game Or Not- Origin Of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a Chinese Game Or Not- Origin Of PUBG Mobile



In this paragraph, we are going to discuss PUBG MOBILE IS A CHINESE GAME OR NOT. Everybody knows about this battleground game PUBG MOBILE. The last man standing (or team) will be the winner of the game. You can do this by killing everything and each and everyone in sight. You get only one life. There are few different ways to play PUBG like a solo, duo, or up to a four-player squad. Each game starts with 100 players in a plane that flies in a straight line across the map. The players are landing their selected locations with the help of pulling out the parachute. Lastly, you can win always for Chicken Dinner by surviving yourself.



At this present time, PUBG MOBILE is the most popular battle royale game among the gamers. Pubg Mobile mainly designed for the mobile version. Gamers can play it freely anywhere anytime. Pubg Mobile delivers free to play with multiplayer action on the mobile version. Survival is the key to chicken dinner for the game.

PUBG Mobile, the most downloaded game in the play store. It crosses 100M download on Playstore. PUBG Mobile requires only 1.7 GB for downloading the game on your device. However, It has a very good rating that is 4.0 and more than 29M reviews on Playstore.



Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a battle royale video game and developed by a South Korean video game company Bluehole. It created by Brendan Greene. The game released on December 20, 2017. PUBG is only for PC.

The South Korean game developer, Bluehole partnered with Chinas one of the biggest gaming company, Tencent for entering the gaming market in the country of China. Now Tencent, A Chinese video game company was introduced the PUBG MOBILE game app which is only for Android and IOS versions. PUBG Mobile is running on Unreal Engine 4. PUBG MOBILE developed and also published by Tencent Mobile.

The game became a glorious hit in China but it did not get approval from the Chinese government of its monetizing.


Role Of Tencent In Pubg Mobile

In the middle of 2018 Tencent Company bought an 11% stake in Bluehole. Tencent Company earned 1.3$ billion from PUBG Mobile in 2019.


Pubg Mobile Is a Chinese Game Or Not



PUBG MOBILE Banned In China

Yes, the game PUBG MOBILE, banned in China though the game introduced by a Chinese gaming company Tencent. The main cause of PUBG MOBILE banned in China as the government thought that its a violent game. It may be a negative impact on the mind of youngsters. The youngster does not focus on their career because of a very negative impact on their mind which created after playing this game. Day by day, all of the youngsters also addicted to the game, PUBG MOBILE. That’s why the Chinese government banned this game, PUBG MOBILE in China.

As the PUBG MOBILE banned in China by the Chinese Government that’s why Tencent decided to discard the game in China. And after PUBG MOBILE banned in China, they introduced a clone app version of the game known as Game for Peace. As per reports, this clone version of the game, PUBG MOBILE was designed as a patriotic game. For this, they make sure that the Chinese Government will approve this app Game for Peace and it also did.


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