New M1887 Gun Skin In Free Fire Full Details

Garena Free Fire is preparing big plans for the year-end season. As a part of its timely update, Free Fire has released “Chrono Update” in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo. After this, now leaks have started spreading around the gaming community that Free Fire is doing a new anime collaboration with popular Japanese author, ONE, with his famous manga and anime, One Punch Man. Therefore in this article, we are going to take a look at New M1887 Gun Skin In Free Fire Full Details.

New M1887 Gun Skin In Free Fire Full Details

A leak that was spreading out in the Free Fire gaming community about a collaboration with ‘One-Punch Man’ has finally come true. The collaboration features two new emotes namely “Obliteration” and “I’m Saitama!”.
The emote “I’m Saitama!” changes the player’s head into a giant egg with Saitama’s face in it. And the second one makes your character give a devastating punch which causes whirlwind effects to appear.

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M1887 -Free Fire x One Punch Man

Garena has yet to do any announcements regarding the One-Punch Man Collaboration. Also, keep in mind that it is an unofficial leak. This Gloo Wall of One Punch Man which has the face of the One-Punch Man protagonist, Saitama, in a red background. Later on, it might be changed before being officially released.

The new skin M1887 – One Puch Man has a special effect resembling a punch. In the description it says “you have to go bald to train ”, referring to the anime’s protagonist, Saitama.
On the sides of the weapon, the name of the anime is written in 2 languages. On some servers, the skin will have attributes and on the Brazilian server, it will come without any attributes.

M1887 – New One Punch Man has great chances of being a new Weapon Royale that may arrive in January 2021, check out the new skin

The M1887 One Punch Man can also arrive through the Faded wheel event as Garena has been bringing weapon skins over there lately.

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What is One Punch Man?

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero anime created by the author ONE. It tells the story of the superhero Saitama who can defeat the opponent with a single punch.

M1887 -Free Fire x One Punch Man
M1887 -Free Fire x One Punch Man

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