Free Fire Introduce New Gun In Free Fire AUG Gun in OB 23 Update

Free Fire introduces a new gun in Free Fire AUG Gun in ob 23 update. AUG is an assault rifle with inbuilt 2x scope and also it is the most powerful full assault rifle weapon in Free Fire. 

Here’s everything you need to know about AUG gun in Free Fire.


New Gun in Free Fire AUG gun

AUG Gun is going to be one of the best guns in Free fire. Without any attributes, this gun is going to be the most powerful gun. And also the fire rate and range is high on this gun. Players can easily take headshots in the long-range with the help of this new gun in Free Fire. Inbuilt 2x scope makes it one of the best guns in Free Fire.


AUG gun tips and tricks

Free Fire introduces AUG the iconic and most powerful gun in ob 23 updates. With this gun, players can easily take down enemies.


Read and apply AUG gun tips and tricks

  1. Rate of fire and Range increases in this gun. Try to lock your aim and fire. 
  2. In an AUG gun, there is too much recoil, so you should make a movement or sit up while firing on the enemy.
  3. Try to use drag while fire, it will help you to make headshot to the enemy because of the Rate of Fire. 

Use this AUG gun tips and tricks for better results.


Here are AUG gun secret tricks that make you a better player in free fire using this gun. 

  1. If you notice Range is increased in this gun, so you can take down any enemy without opening the scope. 
  2. This gun comes with inbuilt 2x scope. players can easily spot enemies with the help of this 2x scope.
  3. Try to use sit up and fire, it makes headshot to the enemy.




1. How to use the AUG gun?

You can read the AUG gun tips and tricks to understand How to use the AUG gun. Take the AUG gun and some Ar ammo in your loot bag. Then fire and damage the enemy.


2. Which is the best Ar gun in Free fire?

There’s a lot of best guns in Free fire. Basically all the best Ar guns are players specific. But after coming this powerful gun it can be the best Ar gun in Free fire for middle-range and long-range fight.

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