Motorola One Fusion Plus Review- Moto Is Back With ‘One Fusion+’

Motorola One Fusion Plus  Review

For Motorola One Fusion Plus review, only one statement is enough and that is “Moto Is Back!”

Ok, let’s start the Motorola One Fusion+ review. Motorola launched the brand new phone Motorola One Fusion+ along-with a bunch of great features. This phone has a great battery life and also high gaming experiences. Not only this, but also this android mobile Motorola One Fusion+ gives you a premium look on a little budget.

This premium Looking Motorola One Fusion+ can give a tough fight to the competitors like Pocco X2, Realme 6 Pro and other mobiles available at this price range.


Box Contents

In the box at first you will see the Motorola One Fusion Plus mobile. Motorola gives you an 18 watt turbo power charger and also a good quality type C- cable and a decent quality protective cover inside the box along with some user manuals.


Build Quality and looks

Motorola always gives priority to the build quality of its devices. And for Motorola One Fusion Plus also Motorola maintains its build quality. The mobile is quite thick and looks little bulky.  The design of this mobile is slightly different from other Motorola mobiles. It gives a unique body design. The back has curves up on the glass.

Let’s talk about the weight of Motorola One Fusion Plus. This device is a little bit heavy and it weights 210 grams. It is feels quite unconformable to hold the mobile in hands because of its weight . This phone is designed in Chicago, US. This mobile is an assembled in India mobile.


Ports & Buttons

At the button you will find the Speaker Grill, USB Type – C, Microphone ports. And a 3.5mm head phone jack. In the left hand side you will not see any buttons. On top of the mobile you will get a Pop up camera and SIM card tray and you also have a noise cancelling microphone. And in the right side of the mobile you will get a Volume Up/down button and also On/off button. Motorola added a special feature button on the right side. That will open the Google Assistant.

The SIM card tray of Motorola One Fusion Plus is hybrid. So you can use dual SIM card or you can use one SIM card and a micro SD card.



Let’s start talking about the Motorola One Fusion Plus Display. The display size is 6.5 inch with 2340×1080 Full HD + resolution. There is no notch present in the screen because it has a pop up selfie camera. The display is quite ok but if you love amoled display then think twice before buying it.

In the display you will notice little bit of extra saturation so will have to change the display settings to fix it. Gaming experience with Motorola One Fusion Plus Display is perfect. The colour and brightness is ideal for games with high graphics. This mobile will give you a great gaming experience.



The Motorola One Fusion Plus runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Processor  along-with 6 GB of RAM and also 128 GB ROM. This will give you a very smooth and pleasant experience.



The Motorola One Fusion Plus has a 5000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. The mobile has up to 15 hours of continuous use battery backup. It has a standby battery backup time of about 23 days. That’s means if you do nothing after fully charge then Motorola One Fusion Plus has a standby time of about 23 days. That is really a great thing.

Battery is extremely perfect for gaming. And the Turbo power charger helps your device battery to charge quickly. Also, when it runs out of battery, you can just charge it for about 15 minutes with Turbo Power Charger, and you’ll enjoy up to 11 hours of battery life.


Special Features

-You will get Vanilla Stock Android experience with this phone. You can customize settings easily which is a really good thing. And because of the Vanilla stock android, there are no ads and no delay on opening Google’s app and there’s no extra unnecessary apps present. You will get 2 years of security patch update with this phone. Also, Motorola will release the android 11 update soon.

-Finger print sensor also gives you quick response. But the animation of phone unlocking is slightly slow but it doesn’t affect the quick fingerprint sensor response too quickly. The sensor is present on the Motorola logo.

-Motorola One Fusion Plus gives you a premium quality speaker. The Audio is Crystal clear and packed with bass and very loud. Audio quality is extremely good for Gaming, Watching Movies, Listening Music and much more.

-Motorola one Fusion Plus gives you 64MP Quad Core back Camera System. The primary camera is 64MP and the 8MP Ultra wide angle and 5MP Macro camera and 2MP Depth sensor camera. And also a 16MP Pop up Selfie camera with Quad Pixel technology.


This is one of the best phone under 20k if you are looking for a combination of good battery and performance and also camera, UX.

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PROS: why should you buy Motorola One Fusion Plus ?

– Vanilla Android is just clean, fast, and awesome.

– Excellent media experience, best in class speakers.

– Great battery life.

– Good performance.

– Enough storage space.


CONS: what does Motorola One Fusion Plus not have?

– Faster charging speed (30W)

– 90 Hz/120hz/Amoled display

– Premium build quality – Sony sensor

– Heavy weight and bulky design


TIP: The plastic cover in the box is useless so better to order a screen guard and case in along with the mobile phone.


Overall the phone is value for money. So looking at the stock android, battery backup, camera quality and the overall performance of the mobile I can say one can ignore the minor corns of the mobile.

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