List of Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned 

In the past few years, the mobile gaming industry has achieved huge growth. The battle royale games like PUBG, Free Fire have emerged to be the front runners. However, due to some Government policy violations, PUBG Mobile was banned by the Government of India in early September. Science then PUBG Mobile players are waiting for the comeback of the game in the country.

However, India is not the only country that has banned PUBG Mobile. Therefore in this article, we are going to take a look at the List of Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned.


List of Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned


The Chinese Government had banned PUBG Mobile in China because the game contains “Blood and Gore”.

However, in 2019, The Tencent Games officially announced that they no longer wished to publish the game in China. And also they released a new version of the game, named “Game For Peace “, which met all the restrictions that were set by the Chinese Government. 

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The Jordan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority also banned PUBG Mobile. The Jordan Authorities stated that the game had some severe bad effects on its players.


The Indian Government had banned the game under section 69A due to the security and privacy of the user’s date. However, PUBG Mobile India has recently registered them as an Indian company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. And also soon a special Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be released. 


List Of Countries where PUBG Mobile was temporarily suspended

Earlier this year, the game was temporarily suspended in various countries.

  1. Pakistan 
  2. Nepal 

Thereafter that’s all for this article about the list of Countries where PUBG Mobile is Banned. Therefore we hope that you found this article informative and also useful. And also for more gaming related information and gaming news please visit Thank You.

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