Jonty Gaming’s: Free Fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real Name, Country

Over the past few years, Free Fire has risen to prominence and became the most downloaded battle royal game. As of 2020, it creates a record with over 80 million active users globally.

Ajay Saini aka, Jonty Gaming’s is one of the most popular Indian Youtuber and professional Esport players. In October 2019 he pushed for Grand Master and for the whole season Jonty was at Global No.1 Position in Asian Region.

So, in this article, we are going to take a look at Jonty Gaming’s: Free Fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real Name, Country.

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire ID Number

Jonty Gaming’s aka, Ajay is an Indian YouTuber and content creator and his Free Fire ID is 180830489, and his In-game name is AB-JONTY FF.

His real name is Ajay Saini and also he is a member of the guild TEAM-ELITE.

In the ongoing rank season in Free Fire, he is rank in the Diamond II-tier, whereas in the Squad mode, his rank is Platinum I tier.

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JONTYGAMING’s Free Fire Stats

Lifetime Stats

Ajay has played a total of 13847 matches in the squad mode and also has emerged victorious in 5719 of them with a win rate of 56.57%(Top 3). His Lifetime stats of squad mode is states as

Jonty Gaming’s Free Fire Stats

Kills: 46934
K/D Ratio: 5.77
Average Damage Per Match: 1264
HeadShots: 8032
HeadShot Rate: 17.11%
Average Survival Time: 12 minutes 05 seconds

JONTYGAMING's Free Fire Stats
JONTYGAMING’s Free Fire Stats

Coming to the duo mode, the YouTuber has played 1843 games and got 482 Booyahs translating a win rate of 52.09%(Top 5). His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is stated below

Kills: 6024
K/D Ratio: 4.43
Average Damage Per Match: 1068
HeadShots: 1001
HeadShot Rate: 16.62%
Average Survival Time: 11 minutes 07 seconds

The 23 years old has also played a total of 4044 solo matches and secured 258 wins with a win rate of 43.37%(Top 10). His solo stat is –

Kills: 11782
K/D Ratio: 3.46
Average Damage Per Match: 836
HeadShots: 2829
HeadShot Rate: 24.01%
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 36 seconds

(Note: All the stats used in this article is written according to 17 December 2020. They are subject to change with time because they tend to play Free Fire regularly )

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Jonty Gaming’s YouTube Channel

Ajay is an Indian YouTuber and he has been uploaded regular videos related to Free Fire since October 2018. This famous YouTuber has amassed more than 2.46 M subscribers along with 120 million views combined on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 804 videos on his channel.

He also created a second channel namely Global Jonty. On this channel, he has more than 167k subscribers with more than 519k views combined.

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