Jio Phone Games Download: Best games for Jio mobile phone 2021

Jio Phone Games Download- Jio phone brings a collection of adventurous & fast-paced games across genres such as Casual, Racing, Sports, Arcade, Board. Now users can enjoy games with a tap of a button. You don’t have to download or Install Jio phone Games for Jio Phone Games Download.

Jio Keypad Phone Features

The Jio Phone has been one of the most anticipated product launches in India since 2017.

Operating System – KAI OS
Single SIM- Nano with VoLTE support
Battery –  2000 mAh
Camera- 2 MP Rear Camera & 0.3 MP Front Camera
Keyboard- QWERTY
Display- 2.4 inch (6.1 cm)
Processor- Spreadtrum SC9820A Dual-core Processor.
RAM- 512 MB
Internal Storage-  4 GB, expandable up to 128 GB.

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Jio Phone Games Download

Now Jio Phone has its own app store where there is a wide range of games that can be played. These games are not loaded with high graphics. On the Jio Games app, there are a hundred games that can be enjoyed for hours for entertainment.

Jiophone brings a collection of adventurous & fast-paced games across genres such as Casual, Racing, Sports, Arcade, Board, Actions, Adventure, Educational & Strategy. Now users can enjoy games with a tap of a button. You don’t have to download or Install Jio phone Games for Jio Phone Games Download.

Just go to your phone, then go to the app store and that’s it. You can search your desired app and Play skilled-mobile games, 3 minutes all it takes to play.

In this article, we provide the Best Games For Jio Mobile Phone 2021, Jio Phone Games Download and more.

Best Games For Jio Mobile Phone(2021)

#1 Tuk Tuk Go
Genre – Speed Run

Ride the classic Tuktuk (Indian Auto) as long as you can. The mission of this game is to complete the way without getting hit with obstacles. There are so many power-ups that transform your tuk-tuk to hovercraft, bird, rocket, and more to achieve a high score.

#2 Tiny Army
Genre – Action

Tiny army is an action game where you have to shoot down enemies, soldiers, airplanes, tanks and booses. You have a whole bunch of awesome weapons like rifles, RPG, flame throwers, miniguna etc. It’s an amazing and awesome game for kids.

#3 Quick Tennis
Genre – Sports

It is a fast-paced tennis action game where you can unlock a plethora of features like characters, locations, balls, racquets, moves, and more. You will feel very aesthetic by playing this tennis game.

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#4 Quick Race
Genre – Racing

It is a car racing game where you have to drive as fast as you can. Complete your race first and win. This game allows you to race with a variety of super and hypercars across different world locations. Just choose your favorite car, race as fast as possible without running out of fuel or bumping onto traffic and that’s it.

#5 Crazy Cricket
Genre – Sports

This is not a casual street cricketing action on the Indian street with simpler controls. You can play crazy cricketing shots and hit the surrounding environment objects to score more runs. Choose from a variety of Indian street locations and Characters to enjoy this game.

#6 Candy Breaker
Genre – Puzzle

It is an alternative to candy crush which may be played by the keypad Jio phone just you’ve got to figure faster and more use of a brain. There are many levels each will have limited life and life are going to be added together with your victory.

#7 Chocolate Jewels
Genre- Casual

Chocolate jewels is especially for chocolate lover which has an equivalent theme like jewels star as you complete the new level your will rewarded with candy tray.

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#8 Top Shootout: The Saloon
Genre- Action

This game features a different mission by using guns and machine you’ve got an entire task and by killing terrorist

#9 Age of Barbarians
Genre- Action

This game is analogous to Age of Empire during which you’ve got your own army and land then you’ve got to attack enemy land and by gaining victory you have win reward point.

#10 Steel Story
Genre- Sport

the sport is predicated ashore of Robots and robot has got to travel through road and if a drop of waterfalls on robot body then games are going to be over and therefore the user has got to click on restart button then games are going to be restarted.

#11 Pac-Man Championship Edition Demo:
Genre- Action

This game may be a demo version of Pac-man having awesome LED graphics in games and ghost has t eat mazes and has got to score big chomping in games with faster speed

#12 Crazy Birds 2
Genre- Casual

It is a perfect game for youngsters which are an unofficial version of the very famous mobile game i.e. Angry Bird which has millions of Download and in this games, you will provide new levels and with each next level difficult increase with this new bird will started rewarded with every victory.

How to Download Games and Install in Jio Phone?

  1. Firstly you have to possess a Working Internet Connection on your Jio Phone.
  2. Then Open the Playstore on your Jio Phone.
  3. Login to your Google Account when you open the Playstore in your Jio Phone Browser.
  4. After you enter your User ID and Password, You will be transferred to the Playstore Home Page where all the App is listed.
  5. Finally, you will find a specified Game you would like to put in and then click on the Install Button.
  6. After the Download is Completed, you’ll see that the application is Installing on your Jio Phone.
  7. When the Installation is Done, you can Run the app i.e play the Game on your Jio Phone.

But as it is not a Smartphone, some Games will Crash or not Installed on your Phone.


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So that’s all for this article about Jio Phone Games Download, Online Games Play in Jio Phone, How to Download Games and Install in Jio Phone. Hopefully, you will find this article informative and also useful.
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