How To Use Redeem Codes In COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular multiplayer shooter games that has completed one year of its successful run and since then this game is showering its players with new updates, items, and rewards that are too sweet to neglect. These items are used for customizing the game to a certain extent.

Now COD lovers like you crave such items and often look out for how to obtain those items for free. So, no need to be a worry. In this article, we provide a complete guide on how to use redeem codes in COD: mobile, COD: Mobile redeem codes, Official COD Redemption center.


How To Use Redeem Codes In COD Mobile

Here we will take you through a step by step guide on how to use redeem codes in COD Mobile.

Step 1: Visit the official COD Redemption center. Here’s the link below

Step 2: Enter all the required details like UID, redeem code, and verification code.

Step 3: Thereafter click on the submit button. The rewards will be sent to your COD Mailbox.


Official COD Redemption Center

***You must note that these codes have a redemption limit. If the redemption limit is crossed you can’t use them anymore.

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So don’t be late, hurry up! Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next set of redeem codes to come out.
Now, this article was all about how to use redeem codes in cod mobile. Let us know how much it is helpful to you. And also for any suggestions feel free to comment down.
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