How to Reach Heroic in Free Fire- 5 Easy Steps to Push Rank


How to reach heroic in free fire is a very common question of many Free Fire players. Reaching Heroic in Free Fire is a really tough for many player. Therefore to reach Heroic you will have to play the game for a long time and you will have to be passionate about it. Many of the players are doing too much hard work only to push their ranks in Free Fire.


In this article we are going to discuss about all the things you will have to keep in your mind and a complete guide about “How to Reach Heroic in Free Fire,’’. Therefore this article will surely help the players to survive and to push their ranks in Free Fire. And also this article will help you to improve your gaming skills.


How to Reach Heroic in Free fire – Tips and Tricks

Almost all the players try’s to push their rank because they want to reach the Heroic positions. We are going to share with you the best 5 tips and tricks to reach Heroic easily and in a less time period. So without wasting a time, let’s take a look at the best 5 tips and tricks to reach Heroic.


1. Play Duo or Squad with Friends

The first thing you will have to remember is never to play a Solo match. If you play a match in Duo or Squad with Friends it will benefit you a lot. There are some reasons present behind this tip.

  • If you play with your friend then rank plus increases.
  • Playing Duo or Squad will help you a lot. You can easily defeat your opponents easily if you have a good bonding with your team members.
  • Playing with Friends will not let you get you alone or feel alone.
  • If you are continuously playing with your friends for a long time. Then your friends will know which gun and which equipment you prefer the most. You will get the gun and types of equipment via your friends very easily. It is very important that you should always push your rank with your friends. It helps you a lot to Reach Heroic in Free fire very easily.


2. Game Planning and Strategies

OK now let’s talk about the second most important tip of How to Reach Heroic in Free Fire. Game Planning and Strategies are the second most important thing you should keep in your mind. I hope everyone has a basic idea of what is Game Planning and Strategies. If you don’t have a proper game planning and strategy in your mind then it is next to impossible for you to win the match. But if you have a proper plan and strategy in your mind then it is very easy for your team to kill the enemies. Having a proper strategy and planning while playing with your squad will benefit you a lot. So you should always make strategies and planning while playing with your friends.


3. Find a Mainstay Land

Finding a mainstay helps you to survive and also helps you to your main problem How to Reach Heroic in Free Fire.

You have to choose one location for camping with your team member. But you should always observe that any opponent team is already camping there or not. You should stay alert while you are camping and always look for the enemies.

Always keep an eye on the map. If you see any enemy team fighting with another team, then you should rush upon them. This trick is called third-party fighting. It is wrong morally but you should use this tip while you push your rank in Free Fire.


4. Always do Team Work

OK, now let’s discuss the most important tip about how to reach Heroic in Free Fire.

If you rush on any team then you should call your teammates and rush together. Because if you rush alone and take fight with a team then you will be an easy target for them. There’s a word “UNITY IS STRENGTH”. So mind it if all of your teammates rush on a particular person or enemy team then you can win the fight easily. Therefore this will help you a lot to push your rank and you will be in heroic positions after playing only a few games.


5. Always Play Wisely

Attacking is not the solution to win every match. You should have proper knowledge of defense also. Therefore you will have to choose attack and defense wisely. Attack power and defense both plays a great role and helps you to win every match. And if you know when to defend and when to attack. Then you can easily push your rank. I hope you understand what I mean to say if not then stay with us. We will discuss about this later on a particular article.


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6. Try to Head-shot (Bonus Tip)

Killing enemies by head shot is a bit tough. But if you practice this on daily basis then you can master this very soon. Killing opponent players by head-shot will give you extra points. That will help you a lot to push you rank very easily. So better if you start practicing this from today. I advise you to take any sniper rifle and start practicing aiming in a solo match. If you master snipping then you can easily kill enemies by head-shot.


These are the best tips and tricks that will help you to reach Heroic in Free Fire very soon. Hope you found this article informative and helpful. For more gaming related information and Free Fire tips and tricks please follow Thank You.



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