How to Get Enter Chrono Parachute Skin For Free

Garena Free Fire is one of the best multiplayer battle royale game in the world. Free Fire game is developed and published by Garena International Private Limited. The game has more than  500 Million worldwide downloads on the Google Play Store. Free Fire has won various Esports awards, including the Mobile Game of the Year 2020. 

Free Fire offers various in-game features, like characters, pets, special abilities, and much more. The developers of Free Fire continuously introduce new characters, features, events, and updates to the game. The game developers recently revealed their collaboration with the football star Cristiano Ronaldo. They introduced a new character named Chrono. The character was introduced into the game on 13th December.

Another exciting feature that has been introduced into the game is Chrono Vending Machine. Players can use the vending machine to win several rewards in exchange for Free Fire tokens. 

So, In this article, we are going to take a look at How to Get Enter Chrono Parachute Skin For Free.

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How to Get Enter Chrono Parachute Skin For Free

On 13th December, Free Fire announced that players can now claim the Enter Chrono parachute skin in the vending machine by redeeming FF tokens.

Here is the official statement of Free Fire regarding the Chrono Parachute Skin:

The special Chrono Vending Machines and tokens have been included on the map. 🎰 Find these machines and tokens to exchange for in-game items to help you win the games!

For those who are still unsure what it means by them, check out the tutorial. 👇

Collect 5 tokens in-game to claim the Enter Chrono parachute skin for free!

Step by Step guide about How to Get Enter Chrono Parachute Skin For Free

  • Players will have to play Classic matches to find and loot FF tokens during matches.
  • After collecting FF tokens, players need to find the in-game Chrono Vending Machines present at different locations on the map
  • Then they can use the FF tokens to redeem various in-game rewards like weapons, ammo, gloo walls, skins, etc.

(Note: To get the permanent Chrono Parachute skin, players will have to collect 5 tokens together in a single match. Then they can exchange the tokens in the Chrono Vending machine to get the skin.)

  • After that player needs to go to the mailbox of Free Fire to claim the free Parachute Skin.

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