GTA: San Andreas PC Game Download Full Version For Free

GTA San Andreas PC Game Download:  Download GTA San Andreas the pc game with one click. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third edition of Rockstar Game released on October 26, 2004. GTA San Andreas Game reminds the 90’s culture in America when gang violence and riots were very high. Download the GTA San Andreas game for PC with a single click.

Almost everyone has played the GTA San Andreas game. Either in your house or your friend’s house or in the game shop. And this game is now even available for mobile phones.

This game is based on an interesting story that attracts every gamer to play this game. Basically, the storyline based on the 90’s culture in America. When gang violence and riots were very high in America. There is a total of 100 missions in this game with lots of character. But the main highlighted character is CJ aka Carl Johnson. You will play as Carl Johnson who returns home after spending  5 years in Jail.

GTA San Andreas is the most downloaded game for its gameplay, storyline, graphics, controls, and missions. The craze of searching for GTA San Andreas PC Game Download is not in a downtrend. Now this game s free to download via the below-given link. Read the full instruction on GTA San Andreas PC Game Download or Windows 10.

Features of GTA: San Andreas Game

  • Nice story and writing- GTA: San Andreas Game bassed on a nice story about the 90’s culture in America. This story attracts players to play the game till 2004.
  • Stunning Voice quality- The voice is redesigned by the game story which is also good for an action game.
  • 3D graphics- In the year 2004 when the game released, there is not availability of high-end graphics. But still, you can enjoy 3d graphics quality while playing this GTA: San Andreas Game. 
  • A very big area to explore- The map of this game is very big to explore and every area going with the story of this game.
  • 101 missions to complete- There is a total of 101 missions to complete in this GTA: San Andreas Game.
  • Easy to Download- One-click GTA San Andreas PC Game Download is available in this post. Check below the article to download GTA San Andreas for pc or Windows 10.
  • Stunning hip-hop, rock, and drum and bass music from the ’90s.
  • Drive around the cities to experience the gang wars that took place on the West Coast of America.

Technical Specifications:

Title GTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download
File Size 3.9 GB
License Free
Requirements Windows 10 8 7
Author Rockstar Games

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GTA San Andreas PC Game Download

Download GTA San Andreas for PC- Download  

Instruction of GTA San Andreas PC Game Download

Follow the instruction to Download GTA San Andreas for PC.

  1. Read the full article and collect knowledge about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  2. Right-click on the link Download GTA San Andreas for PC.
  3. After click on the link download will start automatically on your local disc.
  4. After complete, the download process installs the .exe file.
  5. Run the game GTA San Andreas in your pc or windows 10 and enjoy playing.

GTA San Andreas Basic Controls

Controls: On Foot

Action Button
Move/First Person Strafe Left Analog
Crouch/ Duck L3
Look Behind R3
Manual Camera/ Move Scope Right Analog
Sprint/ Sprint Faster (Tap) X
Jump/ Climb SQUARE
Use Item/ Pick Up Item TRIANGLE
Attack/ Fire Weapon CIRCLE
Hold Target On R1
Cycle Weapon Right/ Zoom Sight In R2
Fire When Targeting/ Answer Phone L1
Cycle Weapon Left/ Zoom Scope Out L2
Gang Passive Mode D-Pad DOWN
Gang Active Mode D-Pad UP
Positive Talk D-Pad RIGHT
Negative Talk D-Pad LEFT
Camera Modes SELECT

Controls: In-Vehicle

Action Button
Vehicle Control Left Analog
Horn/ Hover (Helicopter) L3
Sub-mission/ Landing Gear (Plane) R3
Manual Camera/ Turret Control Right Analog
Accelerate/ Ascend (Helicopter) X
Brake/ Reverse SQUARE
Exit Vehicle TRIANGLE
Hand Brake R1
Look Right/ Rotate Right (Flying) R2
Weapon L1
Look Left/ Rotate Left (Flying) L2
Previous Radio Station D-Pad DOWN
Next Radio Station D-Pad UP
Trip Skip (When Indicated) D-Pad RIGHT
Camera Modes SELECT