Free Fire Max Release Date In India, Registration Date & Reward

Free Fire Max Release Date In India- Garena recently announced that everyone around the world can pre-register for the Garena Free Fire Max. Pre-registration is now open to users from all over the world. Players were eager to know the pre-registration news, knowing that the game’s launch was only a few days away. After the pre-registration period, the Free Fire Max could be released soon.

Free Fire Max Release Date In India
Free Fire Max Release Date In India

Free Fire Max is a more advanced version of Free Fire, featuring improved visuals, fps, and other features. Garena created this improved version of the game in response to player requests for a more enjoyable Free Fire experience. Players aren’t required to make a new account to play Free Fire Max, they can play with their existing account by transferring settings and progress to this improved version.

Features of Free Fire Max

  • Improved graphics
  • New graphic design
  • 50 players on the map
  • Customize controls
  • Free license for Android

Free Fire Max Release date in India

After the pre-registration period, the Free Fire Max could be released soon. Garena will not delay the global release of the game. According to sources, the Free Fire Max will be released in 8th October 2021. Players will rush toward the Free Fire Max after its release since it will supply them with everything they are missing in the Free Fire.

Free Fire Max Pre-registration

On August 29th, the Garena have been released worldwide as Free Fire Max. However, it is only available for a few server locations at the moment.Still Free Fire Max is under development.

On the Google Play store, a free pre-registration for the Fire Fire Max has started. You will have early access to the free fire max if you pre-register.

As always, the developers of Free Fire have set some milestones of users to get the free rewards. Based on the no of pre-registrations, players that pre-register for Free Fire Max will receive the following exclusive rewards

  • 5 M pre-registrations: Max Raychaser (Bottom)
  • 10 M pre-registrations: Gold Royale Voucher x 2
  • 15 M pre-registrations: Max Raychaser (Facepaint)
  • 20 M pre-registrations: Cyber Max Skyboard
  • 30 M pre-registrations: Max Raychaser (Head)

Here is the link to pre-register Free Fire Max with your Free Fire Account-
You can also pre-register in the event section of the Free Fire game.


Garena has started pre-registration of Free Fire Max from 28th August. After 8th October, the official Free Fire Max Release Date In India, Players can download Free Fire Max from the Google Play Store Shortly. In preregistration time If you switch automatic install, Free fire max will be automatically installed when it’s available in Google Play Store.

Here is the link –

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