Free Fire Chrono Character Full Details

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale game. Free Fire is developed and published by Garena International Private Limited. The game has over 500 Million worldwide downloads on the Google Play Store. Free Fire has won various Esports awards, including the Mobile Game of the Year 2020. 

Free Fire offers various in-game features, like characters, pets, special abilities, and much more. The developers of Free Fire continuously introduce new characters, features, events, and updates to the game. The game developers recently revealed their collaboration with the football star Cristiano Ronaldo. They introduced a new character named Chrono. The character was introduced into the game on 13th December.

In this article, we are going to take a look at Free Fire Chrono Character Full Details.

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Free Fire Chrono Character Full Details

According to the character description present in Free Fire, Chrono’s character is a bounty hunter from another universe and he has a special ability called the Time-Turner.

Free Fire Chrono Character Ability
Free Fire Chrono Character Ability

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  • At his base level ability, he can create a shield that can block a total of 600 damage from the enemies. On the other hand, he can shoot at the enemies while he is inside the shield. And also the ability increases character movement speed by15%. If the allies are within the shield area then they will also have a 10% increase in movement speed. This effect lasts for 4 seconds and the ability has a cooldown time of 50 seconds.
  • At Chrono characters maximum level, the movement speed is increased by 30%. And also the allies’ movement speed will increase by 15%. The effect will last for 15 seconds and have a cooldown time of 40 seconds.

Chrono has the ability to become one of the most powerful and useful characters of Free Fire. He has a unique character ability in the Free Fire universe. His insane ability to create a shield that can block 600 damage and increase the movement speed is one of the best abilities in the game.

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(Note: Chrono Character is currently not available in the in-game store of Garena Free Fire. )

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