FAU-G Game Release Date – When FAU-G game will release?

Fearless and United-Guards (FAU-G) is an upcoming online multiplayer shooter game developed by nCore Games. After PUBG Mobile banned, Indian gamers were very disappointed. FAU-G game will be an exciting alternative game for the PUB-G players. They can download the FAU-G Game from the Google Play Store and App store after the release date.

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When FAU-G game will release?

The FAU-G Game will release at the end of October and there are only a few days to go. So, we can expect the FAU-G Game Release Date is between 10 to 20th October.


Requirements of the FAU-G Games

FAU-G Game will arrive with 500 MB to2GB in size. It requires 4 GB RAM and will applicable for OS- Android 6.0 and above. As the FAU-G Game release date is very near, players must be ready with their device’s requirement for this game.


Akshay Kumar in FAU-G

Supporting the aim of Atmanirbhar mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Bollywood star Akshay Kumar announced the FAU-G game and said that 20% of the net income would be donated on behalf of him to the Bharat K Veer Trust fund.



1. When FAU-G Game will release?

The FAU-G game will release on 20th October 2020.


2. Where FAU-G Game will available?

You can download this game from the Google Play Store and the App store after the launch date.


3. What are the requirements of the FAU-G games?

•OS- Android 6.0 or above
•Internet connection


4. What will be the size of the upcoming game FAU-G?

It will arrive with just 500 MB TO 2GB.


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