Minecraft Enderman | Everything You Need To Know About Enderman In Minecraft

What is Enderman?

The Enderman in Minecraft is a neutral mob that only attacks the player when provoked by the player. Players can provoke the Enderman. It has very long limbs and purple eyes which makes it different from any other Minecraft mobs. The Enderman is three blocks tall and also it emits some unique purple particles that are often found around Nether Portals as well.

What Is The Health Point Of Enderman?

The health point of Enderman is 40 which is equal to 20 hearts.

What is The Attack Strength of Enderman?

The attack strength of Enderman is listed below:

  • In Easy Mode – 2 hearts 
  • In Normal Mode – 3 and a half hearts 
  • In Hard Mode – 5 hearts 
Minecraft Enderman
Minecraft Enderman

Where does Enderman Spawn?

The Enderman spawns in places where the light level is 7 or less in the overworld and also in the Nether. But in The End, Enderman spawns where the light level is 11 or less. 

Where to found the Enderman in Minecraft?

Enderman can be found in all the dimensions but much seen in the caves of the overworld. However, most numbers of Enderman are found in the Warped Forest in the Nether and also you can find them all over the place in The End.

What loot does the Enderman drop?

By killing the Enderman players can find a loot of 0-2 Ender Pearls along with the block it was holding. The loot increases up to 4 Ender Pearls if you kill it with an enchanted Looting sword.

What is the History Of Enderman in Minecraft?

In the past, the Enderman was created with green eyes with zombie noises and also Enderman was first introduced in Minecraft before the release of Beta 1.8 the adventure update of Minecraft. In the past, the Enderman used to drop diamonds instead of ender pals.

How to kill the Enderman safely in Minecraft?

There are a couple of ways that can be implemented to kill the Enderman safely. Some of the safe methods are listed below :

  1. Standing in a pool of water is a good way to protect yourself from the Enderman. Because water deals damage to the Enderman.
  2. Digging a two-block tunnel can help you to kill Enderman without taking any damage because Enderman is 3 blocks long and they can’t enter 2 blocks long tunnels.
  3. Placing cobwebs near Enderman can be used as a trap. Because they are unable to move or teleport when stuck in the cobweb.
  4. You can also place a boat near the Enderman and they will simply get into the boat and then they are unable to move or teleport from the boat, thus you can kill them easily.

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