5 ways you can earn money by live streaming

It is true that it’s quite easy to start live streaming nowadays. But on the other hand, if you want to earn money by live streaming then you should have proper knowledge about it. So that’s why in this article we are going to discuss 5 ways you can earn money by live streaming.

The first thing you should keep in your mind is streaming live and earning money from it is not that much easy. But it is true that some people know how to make money by streaming live. Therefore if you want to earn money by live streaming you should have proper knowledge about it. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 ways you can earn money by live streaming. So without wasting time let’s begin.


5 ways you can earn money by live streaming


1. Getting Donations Or Tips

In various streaming platforms, your viewers can donate you. Getting donations or tips from your viewers will give you a special feeling. And also it is proof that your streaming career is going in a good direction. Therefore it means that someone is appreciating what you are doing in the live stream.

Most of the websites and live streaming platforms allow you to make money by letting the viewers donate you. Here’s a list about how some major platform allows your viewers to donate you.

  • YouTube – On YouTube viewers can donate you by Super Chat. That will allow them to pin a message in your chat window making them more noticeable. And also YouTube allows users to by chat animations that are Super Stickers. You will get a percentage of the donations done by your viewers.
  • Twitch – Twitch allows users to cheer the creators by sending bits to them. Therefore if you’re a twitch partner you will get around a cent for every Bit, your viewers send you. Twitch also allows the user to write a message to the streamer. That will appear together like a special kind of emote.
  • Facebook – Your loyal viewers who like your streams can send you stars on Facebook. But you must be a part of the Facebook Level Up program to receive stars or donations. For every star your viewers send, you will receive a cent.
  • Mixer – Mixer allows its user to send Sparks to the streamers. Users can earn sparks by watching streams and can spend them on skills, animations, or gifts. After getting enough quantity of skills you can get your pay-out. And also viewers can by Embers and trade them for more impressive which will give you a bigger pay-out.

You should always remember that if a viewer donates then you should always give a shout out to the person. This will make the bond between you and your viewers stronger.


2. Revenue From Ads

If you monetize your streams then it will give you huge revenue. If you are on the right streaming platform or website then you can start earning from advertising too.

You just need to be on the right platform because all of them did not offer ads. In fact, some of them are kind of ads-free platforms such as DLive. Therefore if you want to earn money from ads also then you should join YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.


3. Regular Viewers Paid Subscription

You will need to complete certain requirements for enabling paid subscriptions. But if you fulfill the requirements of this program then you must enable this. These subscriptions will cost a couple of bucks for the viewers. But if you manage to get enough paid subscribers then you will earn a huge regular payment. You will have to do some paid subscribers only streams that it.

Here is the list of the platforms which allows paid subscription services

  • YouTube membership – YouTube has a channel membership program that allows your viewers to join your channel with monthly payments. But to enable this option you will have to fulfill some requirements.
  • Twitch subscription – Twitch also has a paid subscription service that allows users to join a channel. You can enable this if you are an affiliate or partner of Twitch.
  • Facebook – Currently Facebook don’t have any paid subscription program. But Facebook will launch its gamming subscription program very soon.
  • Mixer subscription – Mixer also has a paid subscription program that allows its users to join channels.


4. Sponsorship

Brand deals and sponsorship are one of the best options to earn money by live streaming. If you have a large fan following on a streaming platform then you will get brands and sponsors easily. But if your new and you don’t have that much fan following then it’s a bit hard for you to get a sponsor.

Here are the ways you can make money streaming through deals with the brands

  • Sponsorships – Sponsorship means you talk about a particular thing in your stream. Or it might be a game developer who pays you to play their games on your streams.
  • Banner advertisement – Bands pay you to display their banner in your streams and promote their company.

5. Affiliate Marketing And Selling Your Own Merch

If you have a membership in an affiliate program then you can earn plenty of money. You just need to put your affiliate link in your description and will have to ask your viewers to buy from that link. Therefore every time a person clicks on the link and buys something you will earn a commission. Sometimes you don’t even need to post a link because everything you need is a promo code. You just need to ask your viewers to shop from the particular website using that promo code that’s it.

And also if you have a huge fan following then you can launch your own merch. If you have a loyal fan base then your subscribers will definitely buy your merch. You can sell your custom T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, etc. Therefore you can make huge money by selling your own march and make your bond with your viewers stronger.

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These are the top 5 ways you can earn money by live streaming. Hope you found this article ( 5 ways you can earn money by live streaming ) useful and informative. For more gaming related news and updates please visit Gamersutra.com. Thank You.

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