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Desi Gamers Biography
Desi Gamers Biography

Desi Gamer or Amitbhai is one of the most popular content creators as well as a Free Fire Player from West Bengal, India. At the age of 24, he has gained great success in his life being India’s Frontline representative in Free Fire. His official YouTube channel is ” Desi Gamers” where he mostly plays Garena Free Fire. In the Free Fire Gaming community, he became a popular figure for his unique gameplay and influencing skills.

Ever since he entered the gaming community, people have had much curiosity about who is Ajjubhai, his real name, etc. In this article, we disclose Desi Gamers Wikipedia (Amit Bhai), Biography, Name, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Face Reveal, Lifestyle, income, FAQs, and More.


The real name of AmitBhai in Desi Gamers is Amit Sharma. He is now a full-time YouTuber. In 2019, When teams from all over the world were going to Germany and Indonesia for tournaments, Amitbhai was part of these for representing India.

Desi Gamers Wikipedia

Real Name – Amit Sharma
Nickname –Amit Bhai.
Profession- Gamer & Influencer
Free Fire ID – 206746194 –
Free Fire IGN – AmitBhai<<
Free Fire Guild- SURVIVORS☆☆☆
Mob no. – 9254865438
Date of Birth – 26 Jan 1997
Age- 24
Height – 5’9″.
Birthplace- Siliguri, West Bengal
Hometown- Siliguri
Zodiac Sign – Aquarius
Nationality – Indian
Religion- Hindu
Education – Graduate (History).
Girlfriend – Update soon.
Hobbies- Traveling & YouTube
Famous For- Playing Garena Free Fire

Early Life & Lifestyle

Amit Bhai lives in Siliguri with his small family members of 5. Though he belongs to a middle-class family, they all are very supportive of each other. His parents always wanted that him would have a stable job. He didn’t tell them about his YouTube channel until it reached 100k-200k subscribers. As people started following him on social media, he told his parents about this venture. They have been really supportive since then.

In his childhood, his life was very much simple as other boys. He was a decent student but after 10th he started studying harder. He had opted for Arts in 11th and 12th standard. Then during his college, he studied honors in History.

Desi Gamers Lifestyle
Desi Gamers Lifestyle

Amit Bhai is not a gamer from childhood but he often plays Free Fire. He was very busy for his graduation and YouTube channel. After gaining too much success in the Gaming community he has to manage both and at the same time, he revealed on his live stream that he is primarily a full-time YouTuber.


After completion of his graduation, he didn’t find anything to do. Then he thought about creating a YouTube channel. He started his YouTube channel in 2018. In the beginning, he used to upload copying content of other creators. Through this, he gained many views but his channel couldn’t be monetized. He got 2 copyright strikes. Soon he started creating his own content about Free Fire on his YouTube channel which got more success than the trend of PUBG all over the country.

At the beginning, he started to gain 15k subscribers. He started streams and uploading videos and he was also amassing subscribers but at a slow rate. Suddenly one of his gameplay videos became viral, finally, he hit 50,000 subscribers in April 2019 and 5,00,000 in Aug 2019.

Most Viewed Video-

Now, the channel ‘Desi Gamers‘ has currently 7.8 M subscribers with over 918 M views combined. He also runs a second channel namely Desi Army which has over 2.68M subscribers. He uploads videos regularly on those channels.

Face Reveal

On the Internet today the most searching queries are the face reveal of Ajjubhai and Amit Bhai. Fans are always eager to see their heroes. Unlike Ajjubhai he didn’t take too much time to reveal his face. Here’s Amit Bhai’s picture.


There is a lot of speculation about AmitBhai’s girlfriend. Most of his fans asked him when will he get married, but he hasn’t yet revealed anything about it.

Earning/ Income

At the age of 24, being India’s most prominent gaming YouTuber he has gained a lot of success. His major source of income is the youtube channels which have over 7.8M and 2.68M subscribers with 978 M and 209 M views respectively. His monthly average views on youtube are 30-40 M and also during live streams he gains almost 35-40k views. From YouTube he makes money through Superchat in lives, Adsense, PayTM/ Google pay donations, sponsorship, memberships, etc.

Also, he earns from the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, discord by advertising and sponsoring different brands and other kinds of stuff. Earning through these sources are very hard to estimate.

From all these earnings, his monthly income is about 6-7 lakhs and his annual income is approximately 75-80 lakhs. Over a year, Desi Gamers’Net worth is approximately 1.2 Crore.

Some Facts about Desi Gamers (Amit Sharma)

  • Desi Gamers’ Free Fire username is AmitBhai<<.
  • Free Fire Guild- SURVIVORS☆☆☆His Free Fire ID is 206746194.

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  • His favorite moment was when Garena invited him to Indonesia for a creators’ meeting. Garena allowed him to meet Free Fire content creators and gamers from all across the globe. He also tried vlogging there, which resulted in massive success. He got 5x more views, which helped him complete 1 million subscribers in a short time.
  • He met Ajju Bhai through another free fire player Aghori Gaming.
  • Desi Gamers are given a lot of competitive exams. Some of them are SSC, Railways, and more.
  • Before starting Free Fire he used to play Mini Militia. He also played PC games such as GTA Vice City, Prince of Persia, etc.
  • Desi Gamers’ favorite food is Biryani.
  • After uploading his videos on the YouTube channel Desi Gamers, his first-ever paycheck was 108$.
  • Amit uses Filmora 9 for editing all the videos on his channel.
  • He uses Redmi Note 4 but plays Free Fire on his iPhone.
  • He likes to travel and also went to Thailand, Germany, and Indonesia.
  • His favorite sport is Football and admires Sunil Chhetri, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, etc.

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID Number, IGN

Desi Gamers’ (AmitBhai) Free Fire ID is 206746194, and his In-game name is AmitBhai<<. Also, he is the guild leader of SURVIVORS☆☆☆.

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire Profile and Stats

Desi Gamers' free fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country, and more
Desi Gamers’ free fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country, and more

Lifetime Stats

Amitbhai has played a total of 7586 matches in the squad mode and also has secured victorious in 2127 of them with a win rate of 40.48% ( Top 3)
His Lifetime stats of squad mode is –

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire Stats

Kills: 19664
K/D Ratio: 3.60
Average Damage Per Match: 1128
HeadShots: 3592
HeadShot Rate: 18.27%
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 21 seconds

Coming to the duo mode, he has played a total of 4030 games and got 712 Booyahs translating a win rate of 38.19% (Top 5)

His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is –

Kills: 10558
K/D Ratio: 3.18
Average Damage Per Match: 1001
HeadShots: 1952
HeadShot Rate: 18.49 %
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 24 seconds

He has also played a total of 3220 solo matches and has won 262 maintaining a win rate of 32.64% (Top 10)

His solo stat is –

Kills: 7119
K/D Ratio: 2.14
Average Damage Per Match: 724
HeadShots: 1644
HeadShot Rate: 23.09%
Average Survival Time: 8 minutes 09 seconds

Ranked Stats

In the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire, he is ranked in the Diamond I tier, whereas, in the Clash Squad mode, his rank is Diamond II-tier. In the ranked season, Amitbhai has played a total of 214 squad matches till now and also has secured victorious in 54 of them with a win rate of 37.85% ( Top 3)

His Ranked stats of squad mode

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire Stats

Kills: 514
K/D Ratio: 3.21
Average Damage Per Match: 1270
HeadShots: 88
HeadShot Rate: 17.12%
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 13 seconds

Note: All the stats used in this article is described according to the time of writing which may vary with time.

Desi Gamers YouTube Channel

After Ajjubhai, Amitbhai is the second Indian gamer/streamer who reach 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

The popular Indian YouTuber has been uploaded regular videos since October 2018. After creating this channel he started to copy other’s contents which help him to gather more views but his channel couldn’t be monetized. Then he started to create his own content and till now, Desi Gamers has amassed more than 7.8 M subscribers along with over 918 million views combined on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 787 videos on his channel.

He also runs a second channel namely Desi Army which has more than 2.68 M subscribers and over 209M views. Here he streams and uploads videos of different gameplay.

• Popular Videos of Desi Gamers

1. Factory Top Challenge Turn into Booyah!! Garena Free Fire – Desi Gamers

2. Road to Grandmaster in 1 Day!! Season 15 Free Fire – Desi Gamers

3. Ajjubhai VS Amitbhai || Clash Squad 1 Vs 1 || Garena Free Fire – Desi Gamers

Social Media Handle


His Instagram user name is desigamers1 which has over 1 M followers and 135 posts.


His user name on Twitter is @DesiGamers01 and has over 19.1k followers.


His Facebook account name is Desi Gamers which has moreover 3.2M followers.


His Discord account name is Desi Gamers which has moreover 30k Members.

FAQ On Desi Gamer

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