Desi Gamers’ free fire ID, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country, and more

Over the past few years, Free Fire has risen to prominence and became the most downloaded battle royal game. As of 2020, it creates a record with over 80 million active users globally. In the Free Fire gaming community, Amit Sharma aka, Desi Gamers is one of the most popular Indian Youtuber and content creators for his aggressive gameplay style. At the age of 24, he has gained great success in his life being India’s Frontline representative in Free Fire.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Free Fire ID Number, stats, and K/D ratio of Amit Bhai. Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID Number 206746194. Desi Gamers aka, Amit Bhai is an Indian YouTuber and content creator and his Free Fire ID is 206746194, and his In-game name is Amit Bhai. His real name is Amit Sharma and also he is the guild leader of SURVIVORS☆☆☆.

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID & Stats

Lifetime Stats

Amit Bhai has played a total of 7300 matches in the squad mode and also has emerged victorious in 2056 of them with a win rate of 40.64%(Top 3). His Lifetime stats of squad mode is states as

Desi Gamers’ Free Fire ID & Stats

Killis: 18923
K/D Ratio: 3.61
Average Damage Per Match: 1119
HeadShots: 3462
HeadShot Rate: 18.30%
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 22seconds

Coming to the duo mode, the YouTuber has played 3918 games and got 698 Booyahs translating a win rate of 38.64%(Top5). His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is stated below

Killis: 10217
K/D Ratio: 3.17
Average Damage Per Match: 991
HeadShots: 1884
HeadShot Rate: 18.44%
Average Survival Time: 9 minutes 27 seconds

The 24 years old has also played a total of 3149 solo matches and secured 258 wins with a win rate of 32.99%(Top 10). His solo stat is –

Killis: 6921
K/D Ratio: 2.39
Average Damage Per Match: 718
HeadShots: 1588
HeadShot Rate: 22.94%
Average Survival Time: 8 minutes 11 seconds

(Note: All the stats used in this article is written according to 15 Dec 2020. They are subject to change with time because they tend to play Free Fire regularly)

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Desi Gamers YouTube Channel

Desi Gamers aka AmitBhai is an Indian YouTuber and he has been uploaded regular videos related to Free Fire since October 2018. This famous YouTuber has amassed more than 7.03 M subscribers along with 805 million views combined on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 775 videos on his channel.

Link – Desi Gamers

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