Claim Jai Character Bundle in Free Fire from Be The Hero Event

Free Fire has a variety of characters present in the game with various unique abilities. Free Fire recently announced the addition of a new character called Jai. This character is an in-game collaboration with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Free Fire also has a lot of other real-life based character.


How to collect Golden Magazine in Free Fire Be The Hero Event?

The player can collect golden magazines by visiting the Be The Hero Event page. Players need to complete certain missions to get the golden magazine. The missions are listed below.

  • Log In once a day
  • Play one game with friends
  • Get 2 Kills in any mode
  • Get 5 kills in any mode
  • Kill 10 enemies in any mode

Each player can collect 5 golden magazines every day by completing the above-mentioned missions. And also after completing the missions players need to head to the 13/9 Be The Hero event. Thereafter they need to claim the Golden Magazines.


Free Fire Be The Hero Time Period

The Be The Hero event begins on 5th September will end on 15th September 2020.


How To Claim Jai Character Bundle Using Golden Magazines?
jai character bundle using golden magazines
jai character bundle using golden magazines

You can claim Jai Character Bundle using Golden Magazines for free. And also here is the list of different numbers of magazines required to claim different rewards.

  • Jai’s Justice Fighter Bundle- 30 Golden Magazines
  • Jai’s Memory(x200) – 2 Golden Magazines
  •  Memory(x400) – 4 Golden Magazines
  • Jai’s Memory(x500) – 5 Golden Magazines
  •  Memory(x1000) – 10 Golden Magazines
  • Jai’s Memory(x2000) – 20 Golden Magazines

Therefore Players can redeem these various rewards in the Be The Hero event page. And also the redeem period will start on 13th September will end on 16th September. Therefore don’t forget to redeem your rewards in time.

Thereafter that’s all for this article about how to collect golden magazines and claim Jai Character Bundle in Free Fire?. Therefore we hope that you found this article informative and also useful. And also for more gaming related information and gaming news please visit Thank You.

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