Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID Number, Lifetime stats, Real name, Country and more

Free Fire has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years, becoming the most downloaded (over 266 million downloads by 2020) and the most popular battle royale game in the world.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID Number, stats, and K/D ratio.

Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID Number

  • Action Bolt’s real name is Anup Mondal who is an Indian YouTuber, also a content creator.
  • Action Bolt’s Free Fire ID Number is- 88651465
  • In-game name (IGN) – ACTION BOLT
  • Also, he is a member of the guild ╰BOLT_ ARMY╯

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Action Bolt’s Free Fire Stats

In the ongoing ranked season in Free Fire, he is ranked in the Grandmaster, whereas in the Clash Squad mode, his rank is the Heroic tier.

Lifetime Stats

He has played a total of 18347 squad matches and also has emerged victorious in 8355 of them with a win rate of 60.41% (Top 3) His Lifetime stats of squad mode is –

Kills: 59035
K/D Ratio:5.91
Average Damage Per Match: 1369
HeadShots: 13974
HeadShot Rate: 23.67%
Average Survival Time: 11 minutes 57seconds

Coming to the duo mode, he has played total 1452 games and got 369 Booyahs with a win rate of 42.22%(Top5). His Lifetime stats of Duo mode is –

•Kills: 4397
•K/D Ratio: 4.06
•Average Damage Per Match: 1067
•HeadShots: 1079
•HeadShot Rate: 24.54%
•Average Survival Time: 9minutes 31 seconds

Also he has played a total of 1983 solo matches and has secured 309 booyah’s translating a win rate of 49.77%(Top 10). His solo stat is till now

•Kills: 3936
•K/D Ratio: 2.35
•Average Damage Per Match: 625
•HeadShots: 1236
•HeadShot Rate: 31.40%
•Average Survival Time: 10 minutes 37 seconds

(Note: All the stats used in this article is written according to 7th March 2021 which is subject to be changed with time)

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Action Bolt’s YouTube Channel

Action Bolt is a free fire player from India and he has been uploaded on YouTube regular videos related to Free Fire since 2019. This famous YouTuber has amassed more than 580k subscribers along with 3.8M million views combined on his YouTube channel Action Bolt. There are a total of 195 videos on his channel.

Recent Popular videos on Youtube

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